hi! this is meimei. welcome to my virtual studio ꒰*✪௰✪ૢ꒱   
you will see some of my recent practices of my long-term research project hanging study:

The concept of "hanging" evokes thoughts of gravity, hesitation, suicide, precariousness, fragility, the uprooted, and the inevitable. Hanging objects are a metaphor for an unstable vertical hierarchy, in contrast to those that grow from the ground, which seem more rooted, reliable, and connected to a source. Hanging, on the other hand, begins in the air, temporary and ephemeral, like a mirage.

This research project investigates the various physical forms of hanging, such as hanging, dangling, draping, and suspension. Through the study of objects and materials like willow trees, wind chimes, chandeliers, fishing lures, and plumb bob levels, I aim to examine the "hanging situation" as a potential state of feminist knowledge and post-humanistic contemplation.