4K video,8’06’’

still images

This video is made to commemorate my deceased grandmother.

In form of five fake documentaries, five women were recorded working comfortably in different environments. What I want to show is grandma and women similar to her who live under the conservative value. They can still deal with the prejudice they have to be in and establish their own personal status. They seem to be dominated by given identity and gender traits, but at the same time, the moderate personal identity politics and extremely sharp resistance are also unveiled.

The work and environment of the five women were fictional, and I choose five identities that were extremely female-friendly and unfriendly.

This is the choice based on the strong contradiction in value between my grandmother and I. Selecting two opposites of identities is a metaphor of external differences between us. The video as an exploration finally made me understand that grandmother’s resistance to traditional value.

Five women are all performed by me. This is a reconciliation with grandma and a reconciliation with those “conservative women”.


complete version

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