3-channel video installation, 23min22s

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One day between December 2008 and January 2009, I made a haircut - getting a perm and straight bangs. It was a huge image changing for me as I had my hair cut short since birth. On that day, I was firstly clear about the strange feeling: I may not be me. There was a kidnapping: I kidnapped Mei Xinyi, and I continued Mei Xinyi’s life. Mei Xinyi is another person spiritually and biologically. I collected portraits of people who got missing between December 2008 and January 2009 on family-searching webs, using Face Average to create the face. This is a talk video between us two.


(selected images)
The first(right) screen is the retelling of the victims' self-reports in the legal television program.

The second(left) screen is the scene where I dubbed for Barbie.

The third screen(mid) is the scene where I have a conversation with Meixinyi I created. Our voices come from two other screens. Mei Xinyi's actions come from the motion capture data of me imitating the victims covered by mosaic.

*Thanks to
Sven Travis
Jie Wu
Yinan Zhang
Cong Yao
Zhe Qin(motion capture support)
Guodong Yu(3D animation support)
Mingkai Wang(FaceAverage support)
Ningxin Wu
Hexin Zhang
Shengchen Zhang